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The Arbro Roller 275R harvester is a new concept in tree harvesting. Fell, delimb and cut to length. The 275R can be mounted on a loader attached to a farm tractor. The harvester is ideal for first thinnings. The machine is capable of doing 9.5" trees. The harvester is easy to use and service. The harvester head has a Hakmet computer system that can be programmed for different measuring options. See picture below.

Technical Specification - Arbro Roller Harvester
Description 275R
Weight 220 kg
485 lbs
Maximum Delimbing Diameter 240 mm
Maximum Cutting Diameter 280 mm
Number of knives 4 (3 moving ones)
Feed Force 8 kN
Saw Bar Type 404" 14"
Oil Flow (20Mpa/200bar) 120 l/min
32 GPM
Delimbing speed 3.0 m/s
9.8 ft/s
Crane Requirement 30 kNm
Carrier Size 55 HP
Measuring Options Length, Length & Diameter, Volume
Approximate values for all specifications.
Video - Arbro Roller Harvesters
The Arbro Roller 275R Harvester Head

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