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The PALAX series offers new top of the line firewood processors - Palax 55, Palax Combi MII, Palax Active, Palax KS35 Ergo, Palax KS35S (Joystick), Palax KS40 Ergo, Palax KS40S (Joystick), Palax KS45S (Joystick), Palax Power90S (Joystick), Palax90SG (Joystick) and Palax Power100S (Joystick). Also some of the models are available with a booster to speed up the splitting.

Sturdy structure, good design, easy to transport, automatic high-speed valves, swinging discharge conveyor with chains, unobstructed and spacious splitting chute, long service intervals, safe and easy-to-use tree clamp...

Palax 55, Palax Combi MII, Palax Power90S, Palax Power90SG and Palax Power100S come with a circularsaw. Palax Active, Palax KS35 Ergo, Palax KS35S, Palax KS40 Ergo, Palax KS40S and Palax KS45S come with a hydraulic chainsaw.
General Product Info - PALAX KS35 Ergo / KS35S FIREWOOD PROCESSOR ...
Palax KS35 Ergo is a robust firewood processor with a 15" hydraulic chainsaw. The standard configuration comprises a 2.2 m / 86.6 in long in-feed conveyor, a 4 m / 14.1 ft long swinging and folding discharge conveyor as well as an automatic lubricator of the saw-chain. The machine is an optimal choice, if the diameter of the processed trees varies a lot. The maximum cutting diameter is 35 cm / 13.8 in and the length of the log is from 25 to 60 cm / 10 in to 2 ft. This Ergo model has the cutting lever for the sawbar positioned on the side of the machine, not on the top as in the previous model. This makes the cutting more ergonomic for the user.

Transporting and storing the machine is really easy because of the foldable conveyor. So the machine fits into a small space.

The in-feed conveyor and the discharge conveyor are equipped with easy-to-use quick-releases. In addition the discharge conveyor is fitted with a lift as standard. This means operations may be started quickly without having to use any tools.

Unobstructed and spacious splitting chute.

Clean firewood - The debris drops through the grate in the bottom of the splitting chute and as a result the processed firewood is clean and dries out quickly.

Automatic high-speed valve is standard - The automatic high-speed valve considerably speeds up the operation of the machine. Small trees are split up at high speed. While splitting thick logs, the approach stroke occurs at high speed but decelerates at the start phase of the splitting. Then, as the force requirement again decreases, the high-speed motion resumes immediately.

Precise length adjustment - The machine comes with a log-stop that always swings to the rear for the crosscut movement. This ensures the log falls unobstructed into the splitting chute. The log-stop guides are equipped with ball bearings. The length of the log can be adjusted from 25 to 60 cm / 10 in to 2 ft.

A safe and easy-to-use patented log clamp - The spring-loaded clamp presses the log on the upside and keeps it in position throughout the crosscut operation. The sharp-crested rotating roller on the clamp prevents the tree from moving during the crosscut operation. A hydraulic clamp is standard with the KS35S model.

Self-cleaning in-feed conveyor - The drive and return rollers of the in-feed conveyor are equipped with efficient scrapers, which keep the rollers clean under all conditions. This feature is even more significant in winter as snow is not able to gather and pack between the roller and the belt.

Reliable and easy-to-operate height adjustment of the splitting wedge

Automatic lubricator of the chainsaw - The lubricator applies lubricant to the saw-chain reliably and smoothly but only during the cutting operation.

A 4.3 m / 14.1 ft long, open and unobstructed swinging discharge conveyor.

The discharge conveyor with polyethylene scrapers, two chains and gear drive is driven by a hydraulic motor. Even high trailers can be loaded with a conveyor of standard length. As both the top and the underside of the conveyor are completely open, operations are reliable.

The Palax KS35 is also available as an S model, which is a fully hydraulic joystick version of the KS35 Ergo. In the KS35S model the cutting feature, log clamp and the height adjustment of the knife is done by joysticks. This makes operating the machine very convenient.

Hakmet supplies a PTO powerpack to run the unit in case a tractor is not available to run the unit. The powerpack is equipped with a 24 hp Honda motor.

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