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LogRite Log Tools
The Ottawa Valley Farm Show,
from March 12 to 14, 2019, Ottawa.

The PALAX series offers top of the line firewood processors -
Palax 55, Palax C700 Combi, Palax Active,
Palax KS35 Ergo, Palax KS35S,
Palax D360 Ergo, Palax D360 Pro, Palax D360 Pro+,
Palax KS40 Ergo, Palax KS40S,
Palax C900, Palax Power100S and
Palax KS45S.

Sturdy structure, good design, easy to transport, automatic high-speed valves, swinging discharge conveyor with chains, unobstructed and spacious splitting chute, long service intervals, safe and easy-to-use log clamp.

Accessories for the Palax firewood processors-
Palax Loglifter, Palax KS35 Logtable,
Palax Midi Logtable, Palax Mega Logtable,
Palax Packer 35 Packing Stand, Palax Motti Packing Stand
Palax Cleaner for Debris Removal, Palax Roller for Debris Removal and
Palax Axes / Wedges,

The sturdy, durable and versatile PALMS grapple log loaders and log trailers now available. Also available as custom-built to your specific needs.

The Palms Log Loaders are available in 13 different models.

The Palms Trailers are available in 8 different models.

The Arbro Roller 275R harvester is a new concept in tree harvesting. The 275R can be mounted on a loader attached to a farm tractor. The 275R harvester is ideal for first thinnings.

The Arbro-Stroke is a stroke harvester, which fells, delimbs and cuts trees to length. The Arbro-Stroke harvester is available in two models that can be easily installed on a standard loader. Arbro-Stroke 400 is especially meant for thinning operations and Arbro-Stroke 1000 can also handle bigger tasks. The harvester has an automatic stroke and the tree can be delimbed with a one-button function.

The amazing MERI crusher grinds almost anything from small trees, stumps and branches with its extra hard carbide teeth. The crusher is able to crush up to 10 inches below ground level depending on model. The crusher has low power demand compared to its crushing capacity. The MERI crusher is equipped with a built-in safety clutch that protects the transmission components from too high torque peaks. Module-based design enables you to choose the right equipment for your specific needs. The crusher can be mounted on different base machines either in the rear or front.

The Nokka grapple loaders and trailers are best described as strong built performers. The Nokka grapple loaders have an excellent lifting capacity, range of movement and reach. All models have a wide angle joint. There are 5 different valve systems. Also 3 different supporting legs available. And the grapple itself can be replaced with other attachments. The Nokka trailers come either with a 1- or 2-beam frame. There are 10 different models available including 4-wheel drive ones. Nokka loaders and trailers are a well balanced combination of reliable quality, efficiency and easy operation.

AutoConvey is a durable and efficient biomass handling system. It is asy to move and operate and it can be used in a variety of applications such as firewood, hay, wood shavings, mulch and manure.

No matter what time of year or what kind of terrain you work, Usewood Forest Master is ready to work with you. Tough job in young forests can be done easier, productively and in comfort. Using Forest Master you will step in a new era of forestry. Usewood Forest Master small harvester gives you environmentally friendly way to manage young stands. Light and small harvester moves easily and gently in full density young forests leaving hardly any tracks. With low fuel consumption, user friendly controls, easy maintenance and transportation, efficiency, to name a few, the Usewood Forest Master is A perfect machine for young forest management.

Move any log anywhere with minimal power, disturbance and effort with a LogRite log arche. LogRite log arches are the most effective, ergonomic and useful tools for low impact forestry, arborist and portable sawmill applications. Log arches allow for low impact operations in sensitive areas, minimal ground disturbance and clean logs for portable sawmilling. LogRite arches are available in different sizes: small, midsize and large arches. Also check out the peavey and cant hooks for log handling.

With the FROSTBITE Grapple move logs, haul brush, load your sawmill or firewood processor or load logs on your trailer or truck. Or even build stonewalls with the optional bottom plate. For tractors 25 HP and up. Ten bronze bushings for durability. 50 % stronger structure. Powder painted. Comes with a 5 year warranty.

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