LogRite Arch Move any log anywhere with minimal power, disturbance and effort with a LogRite log arche. LogRite log arches are the most effective, ergonomic and useful tools for low impact forestry, arborist and portable sawmill applications. Log arches allow for low impact operations in sensitive areas, minimal ground disturbance and clean logs for portable sawmilling. LogRite arches are available in different sizes: small, midsize and large arches.


There are two small log arches available: the JUNIOR Arch and the BUCK Arch.


Junior is the most indispensable back saving tool. Junior can pick up and carry any straight section of log from 4" to 16" in diameter weighing up to 1000 pounds and is able to fully suspend a 16' log by grabbing its midpoint or just beyond. By applying Junior at the midpoint of the log, the entire log weight is on the wheels and the effort to move, turn or position the log is minimal. Junior uses a toggling action to lift the log. This toggling action is helpful in moving logs uphill or through rocky brushy terrain. By pulling down on the handle the log moves approximately one foot, so by "pumping" Junior, every yank down on the handle will move the arch one foot over the rough terrain.


The Logrite Buck Arch is a big version of the Junior. It is as easy to use as the Junior but offers more log capacity and features. The Buck Arch can carry and completely suspend an 1800 pound log that is 22 inch diameter and 16 feet long. The Buck Arch can be used by hand with the newly designed 5 foot handle. This handle is designed to be more ergonomic for the user's comfort. In this mode, Buck works just like Junior with tongs and a toggling action to pick up logs. The new adjustable tongue hanger has two positions to make it easy to pick up both small diameter and large diameter logs. In the up position, you can lift those large diameter logs. By having the tongs in the down position, the tongs will hang lower and it will be easier to toggle over and grab smaller diameter logs.


There are two midsize log arches available: the ATV Arch and the FETCHING Arch.


The ATV arch is a tough and light structured log mover. It is easy for one man to use. It can be used behind an ATV, Gator, riding lawn mower or pick up truck. The ATV arch has an effective "reach" of 5 feet allowing it to pick up logs up to 10 or 11 feet in overall length by their middle or drag just the tail end of longer logs. It is also effective in hauling logs 20 feet or longer with minimal tail drag. The ATV arch comes equipped with a 3200 lb 2 speed hand winch and a 3/8" choker cable. The winch line can be used for large single logs or multiple smaller logs.


The Logrite Fetching Arch is the most versatile arch in the 2 foot diameter and 1 ton category! The Fetching Arch was designed to do the heavy lifting on steep slopes or sensitive areas that are off limits to wheeled vehicles such as ATVs or tractors. On steep slopes the 25" tongs will lift the log whenever a pull is applied to the handle from a winch line or drag line pull. This toggling or over-centering action is positive on steep slopes, carrying the log clean off the ground toward the line pull. On gentler terrain the handle can be pulled down first to lift the log and then proceed to carry the log along. The Fetching Arch has no specified length, so it can be set up at or slightly ahead of the midway point to pick up and carry the entire weight of any length log. The Fetching Arch can be used by hand, so it can be used in any situation where heavy or more mechanized machinery cannot go, such as backyards. For this application many choose the optional 6' two man handle for added leverage and control. The Fetching Arch can be fitted with the optional Tow Tongue and Winch, which effectively turns the toggle-to-lift arch into one that remains horizontal and picks up logs with 3200 lb 2 speed winch and 3/8" choker line. The tow tongue will hook to any vehicle with a two inch ball and allows the Fetching Arch to be used similar to the ATV Arch. When using the attached hand winch and line on the tow tongue, multiple smaller logs can be moved with the choker line. The choker line can be attached to its own bell or to the arch. We call hooking the line back into the arch, the doubling option. By using this doubling option, it cuts the power needed to lift the log in half.


There are two large log arches available: the T30 Arch and the T36 Arch.


The Tractor Arches (T30/T36)are designed to be used with tractors in demanding forestry and urban situations. The Tractor Arches are super strong and come in two sizes. The T30 is built to handle logs 30" in diameter and weighing up to 4,000 pounds. While the T36 will handle a 36" diameter log that weighs up to 6,000 pounds. The T30 has an 8' reach and is capable of carrying a 16' log fully suspended. The T36 has a 9' reach and is capable of carrying a 18' log. The arches are capable of carrying a 30' or longer log when using a Fetching Arch as the tag axle to pick up the tail. To use the Tractor Arches simply back the arch over the log and use the provided winch and choker line to hoist the log into place. Both sizes are equipped with a standard 3200 lb 2 speed hand winch and 3/8" choker line. Like the ATV Arch, the Tractor takes advantage of the doubling feature to help reduce the power needed to lift the log.


LogRite Peavey and Cant Hooks in different sizes and lengths What is the difference between a Peavey and a Cant Hook? Traditionally cant hooks were used around sawmills for turning cants. While peaveys were designed for and used for river drives. Both tools consist of a handle with a swing hook. The difference between the two is what is on the end of the handle and the way the tools grip a log. A cant hook has a small toe hook on the end which provides a second biting edge. A peavey has a point on the end which is used to separate logs. Today these tools are used interchangeably and are capable of doing the same jobs. So it comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two tools.

Differences between a LogRite Peavey Hook and a Cant Hook The cant hooks are available in different sizes: 24", 30", 36", 42", 48" and 60". The 60" hook is also available as an extreme duty one. The peavey hooks are available in different sizes: 30", 36", 42", 48", 60" and 78". The 60" hook is also available as an extreme duty one.

All hooks are aluminum handled so they are stronger and easier to use than traditional wood handled hooks. The bright blue handle is easy to see around a sawmill or woodlot. The heat treated, zinc plated hook is built to last. The textured rubber grip is easy to hold.

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