Palax C1000 circular saw firewood processor The Palax C1000 is a hard worker´s true friend. The Palax C1000 is a robust firewood processor for tough professional use, equipped with several significant innovations. As a result of added splitting speed and power, it is one of the most productive and efficient firewood processors for bigger logs in its class. The new, more ergonomic design of the Palax C1000 machine makes it easier and more efficient to use. The machine´s safety net has also been redesigned, which has significantly improved visibility to the splitting channel.

A patented Palax Optimi system controls the wood splitting length of the Palax C1000. Together with an automatic rapid motion valve, this makes log splitting quicker than ever before, without forgetting the fast cutting pace of the circular saw. The C1000 has a splitting force of 16 tons (kg) / 35,300 lbs. The 1000 mm / 39.3" hard-metal cutting blade makes work quick, clean and maintenance-free. Cut up to 40 cm / 15.7" diameter wood. This workhorse is easily and precisely controlled by joysticks. Additionally, the machine is equipped with automatic tightening of the V-belts , which radically increases the service life of both the V-belts and the entire power transmission. The cutting pace can be adjusted in accordance with the type of wood processed.

With the Palax C1000, you can take it easy; the fully hydraulic control, robust input conveyor and the 4.3 meter / 170" long disturbance-free output conveyor with speed control makes firewood processing both efficient and easy. Splitting axes from 2-way up to 12-way ones are available as accessories.

Automatic high-speed valve - As a rule, the work stroke is always performed at high speed. If the smaller splitting force induced by the high-speed function is great enough, the wood will split up. If the splitting force at high speed is not great enough, it will immediately be boosted. As soon as the splitting of the wood starts and the force requirement is reduced, the high-speed operation will automatically resume. The high-speed motion brings added speed for small trees and added force for big trees.

As was mentioned before the Palax Optimi is the method for optimizing the length of the splitting stroke by limiting the cylinder stroke in accordance with the length of the processed wood. A full stroke is used for processing longer sized wood. If the length of the processed wood is shorter sized, then the cylinder stroke is reduced to almost a half and thus the splitting speed is virtually doubled!

The C1000 is available as a Pro model with a 16 ton splitter or a Pro+ model with a Powerspeed 16 ton splitter.

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